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Connected Visual Reality – High Quality Audio Visual Communication in Heterogeneous Networks

Laurits Hamm, Tobias Engelbert, Jose Lausuch, Arturo Martin de Nicolas, Ramsundar Kandasamy, Martin Schink, Christian Feldmann, Christopher Bulla, Magnus Schäfer, Florian Heese, Thomas Schlien, and Christiane Antweiler
Book Title:
International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement (IWAENC)
Event Date:
RWTH Aachen University
Sept. 2012
Demonstrator Session


During the last few years, video telephony and telepresence have gained acceptance, and their usage is strongly growing. However, economic and technical constraints are still impeding their widespread deployment. Nowadays, the available systems range from corporate high-end multi-screen telepresence rooms to personal video calls on laptops. Due to low-quality audio and video transmission as well as insufficient interoperability, a heterogeneous mix of these systems often suffers from an unsatisfactory quality experience.


The Connected Visual Reality project is a collaborative research project between Ericsson GmbH, two chairs of RWTH Aachen University, and MainConcept GmbH. The aim of the project is to develop and introduce new functionalities in the area of high-definition, high-quality visual communication and video conferencing at reasonable cost using heterogeneous networks and devices.


In this demonstrator session, different aspects of the project are presented. Stand-alone systems are used to illustrate the different algorithmic developments such as face detection, region-of-interest video encoding as well as spatial rendering. In addition, a live video conference with multiple parties is set up which allows to experience the developments in the areas of beamforming and artificial bandwidth extension.